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01High-grade timber as basic requirement

The raw material of RETROTIMBER is domestic mountain timber from sustainably managed forests. To achieve the desired optics the timber has to be chosen with great knowledge as well as great passion. Thus, a consistent quality of RETROTIMBER can be guaranteed. After the careful choice of the round timber it is cut according to its future use with state of the art technology.
High-grade timber as basic requirement

02RETRO-treatment: special Know-How

The interaction of temperature, moisture and time results in the desired change of the timber. The change affects primarily the colour thus achieving the distinctive appearance. In comparison to conventional steaming the Retro-treatment is much more complex and time consuming. The timber is treated very gently to avoid a negative influence on its properties.
RETRO-treatment: special Know-How


04Finish – the unique character

RETROTIMBER can be produced with different surface finishes. The surface can be offered rough sawn, planed, brushed or hacked according to customer wishes. The hacked surface radiates cosiness. This rustic finish is very popular for traditional buildings. The brushing brings more texture to the wood surface.
Finish – the unique character

05Quality control and delivery

Through the permanent monitoring of the single production steps we can guarantee a consistent quality. Thanks to long experience and close cooperation with our partners we were able to build up a huge network of logistics partners. Hence we are in a position to carry out complex and short-term deliveries to the satisfaction of the customer.
Quality control and delivery
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