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Perfect Imperfection


RETROTIMBER is specially treated timber, mostly spruce/fir and larch, which posses the optical characteristics of old timber. The static properties, however, are comparable to untreated timber. The idea of RETROTIMBER is based on steamed wood which has been used for decorative purposes already for a long time. RETROTIMBER has the same optical characteristics as heavily steamed wood but without a significant change of its original static properties.


In comparison to the conventional steaming process the Retro-treatment is much more complex and time-consuming. The timber is treated very gently to avoid a negative influence on its properties. The only change is in the appearance. Through an additional surface finish (brushing, chopping) a differentiation between RETROTIMBER and old timber is nearly impossible.


Due to the fact that RETROTIMBER is statically calculable it is suited for the application in the structural field. A large research project was done by the University of Innsbruck for that purpose.

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