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The better alternative to old timber


statically calculable – construction material application

Thanks to the gentle treatment the influence on the mechanical characteristics is minimal. Due to extensive research a static calculability is given.

ecologically harmless – no chemical additive

For the production of RETROTIMBER we only use water, heat and time. The special low-temperature process with steam causes a natural change of colour.

CNC – for the use in modern timber construction

RETROTIMBER is suited for CNC-machining without any restrictions. Thus, even big projects can be realized economically without any problems.

calculable waste - we produce your old timber on demand

If you want to buy conventional old timber you are limited to the dimensions and lengths, which are available on the market. Moreover, the prices increase very quickly because of the shortage of the material and the huge distances in acquisition. RETROTIMBER can be ordered according to list. No extra costs for off-cuts have to be taken into consideration.
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