We combine the appearance of old wood with the static properties of new wood

Retrotimber house from new antique-looking wood

The superior alternative to old timber


RETROTIMBER is specially treated timber, mainly from spruce and larch, which has the appearance of old timber while retaining structural properties that are comparable to untreated timber. The idea for RETROTIMBER originated

from steamed timbers, which have been long been used,

especially for decorative purposes. RETROTIMBER has the same visual properties as heavily steamed wood, but without significantly altering its original structural properties.


Product range

For use in the construction sector

Compared to conventional steaming, the special RETRO treatment is much more complex and time-consuming. The timber is treated very gently in order to influence its properties as little as possible. The treatment is only intended to significantly change the appearance of the timber. Additional surface treatment (brushing, hacking), renders RETROTIMBER almost indistinguishable from old timber. Since the structural properties following treatment are known, RETROTIMBER can be structurally determined and is particularly suitable for use in structural applications.

Manufacturing process
Square timber from Retro spruce hacked

Calculable offcuts – we produce your old timber to measure

RETROTIMBER can be ordered and produced exactly as listed at any time. Therefore, no additional waste has to be factored in. The problem with conventional old wood is that you cannot freely choose dimensions and lengths, but are dependent on what is available. In addition, prices are rising sharply because resources are becoming increasingly scarce and old timber can often only be procured from remote areas.

Structurally calculable – use in structural applications

Due to the gentle treatment, the influence on the mechanical properties of the component is very low. Thanks to the extensive series of component tests carried out, structural calculability is given.

Suitable for CNC joinery – use in timber construction

RETROTIMBER is freely suitable for joinery using CNC machines. This means that even large-scale and complex projects can be carried out smoothly and in a cost-effective manner.

Ecologically safe – no chemical additives

For the production of RETROTIMBER, we use only water, heat and a lot of time. In our RETRO treatment, water vapour releases and washes out wood constituents. This creates the natural RETRO colour tone. Our RETRO treatment comes very close to an accelerated wood ageing process.

European technical assessment (ETA)

RETROTIBMER has been issued European technical assessments (ETA). ETAs certify the technical usability of a product within the meaning of the EU regulation on construction products. They are based on highly extensive tests conducted by test institutes specifically accredited for this purpose. An assessment covers all the important product characteristics of a construction product. Thanks to this safety of our construction products for structural use in accordance with the requirements of the Construction Products Directive. Please also note that you do not have this safety when using common old timber products or other thermally treated woods. ETAs give construction companies the certainty of using a suitable product for structural use.

RETROTIMBER has two European technical assessments:
Structural timber ETA-16/0706
Glued laminated timber ETA-17/0393

ETAs give construction companies the certainty of using a suitable product for structural use.